Bushra Abu Muaileq Success Story


Bushra Abu Muaileq- Site Engineer, Tal Al Hawa, Gaza


Bushra, aged 23, graduated from Islamic University in Gaza in 2014 with a major in Civil Engineering. Upon graduation Bushra found it particularly hard to find a job given the relatively few opportunities available for employment in Gaza. Indeed, though she spent time volunteering, Bushra spent almost all of 2014 out of work, and with no foreseeable prospects in the future she considered leaving her family and home in Gaza city to find work abroad, but it was a difficult task because of the closure of the borders.

However, at the end of 2014, Bushra heard through facebook about PEFE and the training programs it offers. She spoke also with a friend who had previously taken a PEFE program and, finding it highly recommended, decided to enrol in the PEFE training which included: ‘Work place Success’, ‘English for Business’ and ‘Construction Management’.

The training offered by PEFE really helped to increase Bushra’s competencies and skills beyond those taught at university. “Despite the fact I went to a good university and received strong qualifications” Bushra says, “what is taught at university is more theoretical. They didn’t really teach me any practical training.” PEFE, on the other hand, taught practical examples. “They gave current, real-life, useful training which I could apply to everyday scenarios. PEFE also taught me about safety in engineering, and professionalism through Workplace Success, and about dealing with issues as a female site engineer.”

Since her PEFE training, Bushra has been offered a job as a site engineer working on providing lighting system using solar energy cells – much needed in a region devastated by conflict and without an adequate power supply. “Now I feel financially independent and I am able to cover my own expenses” Bushra says. What’s more, before her training Bushra used to worry about dealing with site workers, but she now feels she has the communication skills and the methodical thinking in order to overcome this anxiety.

Inspired by this experience, in the future Bushra hopes to continue her studies and pursue a Master’s in the field of Business Administration.


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