Ashraf Hannounah Success Story


Ashraf graduated from Al Azhar University in 2004 with a BA in Accounting. After graduation, he faced difficulties in finding a job due to the difficult living situation and instability in Gaza. He spent two years working as a part-time accountant in different organizations, but he yearned for the stability of a full-time job.


One day, Ashraf heard about Palestine Education for Employment (PEFE), and the Mini MBA Program it was implementing in Gaza at the time. "I knew that this was a unique opportunity that is not to be missed, so I decided to register for the program" said Ashraf.

The Mini MBA was 300 hours, conducted over the course of 3 months. The program, which was supported by Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) included intensive English language skills training, specifically English as used in the accounting field, as well as training on an online business simulation program through which trainees conducted feasibility studies, market analysis, and prepared business plans. It covered different aspects of a business, namely, accounting, marketing, technical and financial management, and crisis management. "After the completion of the program in 2007, and upon receiving a certificate from PEFE, I felt more confident, and more knowledgeable about managerial, financial, and legislative business aspects, and I felt more comfortable and competent in using English.

After the training, Ashraf applied for an opening at Coastal Municipalities Water Utility, and was subsequently invited for a job interview. "I did really good at the interview, and deservedly got the job, and started working there full time".

Ashraf noticed that the training had a positive effect on his performance when he started working as a full time accountant. He felt more confident, and showed competency and professionalism in working with his colleagues.

"I continued to develop my skills, so I took courses in auditing, and received important certificates in this field. This led to my promotion as Internal Auditor, and later, as Head of Internal Audit Department" said Ashraf, who aspires to expand the department"s scope of work, and further develop it.


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