Ahmad Fares Success Story


Ahmad Fares from Silwad, a city located northeast of Ramallah, has always wanted to work in the field of Journalism. Thus, he pursued a degree in Journalism and graduated from Birzeit University in 2013.


Ahmad searched for a job opportunity related to his specialization, but faced difficulty in finding one. “I worked for two years in many different jobs but they were not related to journalism. However, I didn’t lose hope and I searched relentlessly for an opportunity in my field of study.” Said Ahmad. During his search for a suitable position, Ahmad faced a challenge because employers always asked him about his English Language skills and expertise.


Ahmad joined the Environmental Media training that was implemented by Palestine Education for Employment in cooperation with Welfare Association-Taawon. Ahmad said, “I heard about the training from friends, who told me that after the training PEFE follows up with the graduates by linking them with the potential employers. This is exactly what I was looking for at the time and I was thrilled to know that there is such an organization that supports graduates and provides them with guidance and support in a phase when they most need it.”



The training consisted of three components. The first one, entitled Workplace Success, focused on job-search skills, networking, interviewing, turning a job into a career and maintaining it, time and stress management, goal setting, effective organizational skills, interpersonal communication skills, basic leadership skills, business protocol, teamwork, CV- writing skills, and other essential professional skills. “The second component of the training was about using English in the workplace, which helped me in releasing inhibitions, and developed my conversational and writing skills,” Ahmad said. The third part focused on the techniques of writing journalistic reports and photojournalism.


After the training, Ahmad registered on the Youth Employment Services (YES) portal, which is run by PEFE in partnership with Welfare Association - Taawon. The YES portal serves as a liaison between the job-seeking fresh graduates and different companies and organizations. Ahmad was chosen through the YES portal, to attend an interview for a position at Digital Plus, a local company that works in the field of online media.


“During the interview, I felt that my performance improved significantly, and I was able to show my professional skills. The interview was a success and I was appointed as Social Media Management Officer, Ahmad said. Ahmad was employed through the paid internship program for six months, after which he was appointed as a full time staff member in the company. “This job means to me financial independence, and a first step towards the career I seek. I aim to continue developing my skills, and I look forward to start my own business.”

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