Meet "HI" Project


“I gave my first designing class 6 months ago, when I and my husband started a private business together, combining my sewing and drawing skills with Issam’s art skills. We called our small business “HI” that refers to our initials. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed to open a private institution to teach all the designing specialties, and to produce high quality clothes that compete with exported products in the Palestin¬¬ian market, and now I can say that I’m halfway through that road.” Says Hiba Abu Rmaileh, a passionate entrepreneur from East Jerusalem.

“We heard of a training for Jerusalemites entrepreneurs, organized by Palestine Education for Employment (PEFE). I immediately joined because we needed guidance and support from experts and specialized for our start-up in order to succeed and grow.” The program is implemented as part of the “Empowering Young Palestinian Entrepreneurs” Project, funded by the U.S. Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).

The program has three levels; the first was the Ideation Camp, it focused on mind mapping, business idea generation and development. “The atmosphere was exciting and inspiring, working side by side with entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and amazing ideas. I was very happy then when I was qualified to the next level, which is 70 hours of entrepreneurship training.” Hiba expresses.

“Even though I have already initiated my business, I discovered through the training that I didn’t have enough knowledge about the requirements to start a business, but then, I became capable to market my project and write the objectives and strategies in a way that guarantees its success. I also learned how to study my target audience and analyse the market and competitors, and how to best present my product. The trainers also helped me in pricing the services and products I offered. I feel that I have now a mature vision for HI, and I talk about it with confidence because I know all its aspects well, that’s why I would like to thank PEFE and MEPI for this program that supports entrepreneurs and help them succeed.”

Hiba excelled in the extensive training and was qualified for the last stage. “The basic challenge that I am facing is finding a location for the institution, because all the rents are really expensive, and as a start-up I can’t afford all these expenses, that’s why I’m hoping that I will be able to convince potential investors and microfinance companies to give me the financial support that I need to kick off my dream.”

“I would like to say to all women, to never compare yourself with others, but compare yourself with who you are now and who you were yesterday. I believe that success is to set goals that are aligned with your dreams and ambitions, and to put your full energy to chase after these goals.”

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