Meet Ola Hussein, EFE-P Alumna


  The father of the young woman Ola Hussein was martyred during the war on Gaza in 2008, and since then, she was incubated by a program for the Welfare association called “My future”. She graduated from Al-Quds open university in 2016 from the Education department, and she is one of the hundreds of graduates, who are considered to be the highest number with the lowest employment rates in Gaza. She was nominated by the Welfare association to participate in the “Orphaned youth empowerment and facilitating their access to the Labor Market” program that was implemented by the EFE-Palestine. 





The project aims to develop the capabilities of the young orphans in Gaza and provide them with the necessary skills required to improve their readiness for the labor market and their independency. Also, to enhance their participation in the society to be a part in developing it. This was done by giving them the Workplace Success training and linking them with different associations to help them get a job. Said by Ola: “When I was nominated for the project, I was very encouraged, especially that it has been a long time that I haven’t engaged in any activity” 



Ola tried to use the training in what helps her in enhancing the skills she needs in the labor market. “ the training was unique in terms of the method of training and the trainers, I felt that the most important part was the communication session; since it added to me skills that I didn’t realize how important they are, especially in the education and children field. Moreover, the training emphasized lots of skills that are related to the labor market, such as, working in a team spirit and leadership.” 



After the training, Ola was chosen for a temporary job opportunity as a teacher at Al-Salah Al-Khairiyeh school for girls. At the beginning of this stage, Ola showed great commitment and dedication, explaining, “The employment opportunity opened up new horizons on the personal and professional basis; I have volunteered beforebut this is the first real opportunity for me where I was able to get in more depth into my education specialty, and I now have a great knowledge in dealing with children. “ 



Today, I am capable of communicating with my students and colleagues at work, I have a great initiative spirit, and I work passionately with my students. I worked with students who have speech difficulties and I was able to help them improve significantly. I dream to be an exceptional teacher; I now have become more ambitious and able to specify my dream and accomplish it.” 



In a short period of time, Ola was able to acquire skills in the education field, leaving a distinguishing impression with her students, and built amazing professional relationships at work. 

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