Saja graduated in 2016 with Major in English


 Saja Abu Ammona studied English Literature at Birzeit University and graduated in 2016. Ever since she graduated she worked in her major at different places doing translation, PR, Communication, and other. However, in 2020 for personal reasons she had to leave her job. She searched for different vacancies but had no luck until she heard about Life Readiness Training with EFE-Palestine funded by GIZ. 


“I have always heard how powerful EFE-Palestine trainings are. And I’ve always wanted to attend one that suits my field.” As soon as Saja had the chance to register in this training, she was hoping to get accepted due to the technical skills one learns, and she did! She attended the training passionately and was very happy with the skills she learnt. She says: “Three years have passed before taking this training; I thought I know how to manage my time well, and I even thought that my CV was good enough, and I do great at interviews.” However, as soon as she started the training, she found out that there are a lot of things that one should pay attention to when going to an interview, what to wear, how to answer tricky questions, and even what to include and exclude in a CV. She took all these into consideration, and as soon as the technical training took place, she knew that it is not a must for one to stick to his/her field. But instead, try different jobs that he/she thinks he/she is passionate about and continue his/her career in.


Saja works nowadays at Reach Call Center in collaboration with one of Jawwal exhibitions. She is very happy and satisfied with the job opportunity she got. She says that it is a must for any university graduate take training with EFE-Palestine before entering the market. It is important to take one especially because at universities they don’t teach you the skills as needed.


Saja also encourages EFE-Palestine to try reaching out more university graduates and increase the number of its trainings to give the chance to all university graduates learn these important skills before entering the market especially time management skills and working with a team. She adds: “Not all trainings out there are the same, but what made this training very useful and fun is the trainer himself and the content he had. Regardless of the long hours we spent, we never felt them due to the huge impact it had on us and me in specific!”


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