Get to know Alqam Alqam Story!


 Alqam Alqam is a very enthusiastic young man. He heard about EFE-Palestine through Facebook. He decided to keep an eye on the page to stay updated for whatever upcoming training related to his field. He finished his Diploma in Architecture and works nowadays in Interior Design.


Alqam is different than any other Palestinian youth. In 2014, he lost his leg in an accident. However, this did not stop him. Regardless of all the pain he has been through, he decided not to give up, but to move on, and continue his dream.



Once Alqam decided to move on, he registered in Life Readiness Training with Education for Employment – Palestine. He says that such training is an essential for any youth who is about to enter the market. It is important due to the skills it teaches one. He learnt a lot from it especially on how to manage his time. Alqam says “As a freelancer, I didn’t know how to get the best use out of my time” but after this training, “I learnt how to manage my time as well as on how to work in a team with other freelancers”. Also, he learnt how to communicate and understand his clients better and better.


“If I had the chance to register for other training, definitely I would not think twice. I love learning, and enjoy learning new skills that can benefit me at work. Also, I encourage all youth once graduating to get advantage of EFE-P trainings due to the great skills they teach.”


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