Get To Know Our Nursing Graduate, Walaa Awad!


 Walaa took a training with Education For Employment - Palestine called "Work Place Success". She says that this training taught her a lot on how to become a more confident nurse!


"When I first studied Nursing, I did learn a lot of technical and practical skills that were needed for work. But what I did not learn is how to deal with people, how to communicate with each individual according to his/her situation. Being a nurse is very critical, you have to know to be patient, confident, how to be a human before anything else." Walaa believes that this job is one of the most difficult jobs due to the types of people one sees and deals with on a daily basis. After graduating from university, she worked at St. Luke Hospital as her job. After one year, she had to quit her job for certain reasons. But this did not stop her to continue her career path. Soon, she stated searching for other jobs in nursing, but had no luck. She thought there was something wrong with her education background, or related to her personality. She knew that she is not confident enough, but did not know how to strenghthen this skill. Yet, she did not give up. Before applying to other jobs, she heard about one of EFE-Palestine trainings and decided to register for it. She got the luck to get accepted, and soon started this training. 

She was so excited to attend the training, and did not skip a day. She enjoyed each and every minute of it due to the great essential information she was learning. "I was so surprised that there are a lot of information in communication I never paid attention to, but found out how important they are" she says. She started taking notes, asking questions, and even paying attention to her way of communication with others in order to enhance it. Soon, she started the technical training in Nursing with EFE-Palestine and learnt more and more. Not only that, but believes that "such information taken in a course emphasize the skills one learns at university especially that are taken in two languages, Arabic and English" she says. 

After taking the training, Walaa sees herself as a very confident youth compared to before and a nurse full of courage and braveness. She decided to apply to hospitals and see their availability in nursing vacancies, and got a chance for an interview at Rafidia Public Hospital. During the interview she says "I took into consideration all the soft skills I learnt with the EFE-P trainee. I dressed up very well, I prepared well to the expected questions, I introduced myself as I learnt, and most importantly, I was proud of the CV that was between their hands during the interview!". Nonetheless, Walaa admits that her confidence was a bit low and she didn’t have a high self-esteem, but, she tried her best to think rationally and quietly. She prepared for the interview just like she learnt, and the great thing was that she got accepted immediately since the interview was very successful! Now, Walaa is a nurse at Rafidia Public Hospital. 

When asking Walaa if she sees the field of healthcare changing? and what new opportunities she thinks might be available in the future? She replied "I believe that the nursing field is known and stable in all hospitals regardless of the difference of routine between different sections and departments. The aim of it remains the same. However, the field itself can be academic as well, through teaching it in universities and colleges after one pursue his/her master’s degree. Lastly, if I got the chance in the future to pursue my master’s degree in nursing, I would not hesitate."

Finally, she advices to all nursing graduates – based on experience – before entering the workplace, it is a must for one to apply to one of EFE trainings or at least something alike due to the great skills one learns and enhances. 

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