Mohammad Zaiter – 2020 Nursing Program with EFEP



When Mohammad graduated from high school, he decided to study nursing to help out the Palestinian doctors in general and the Palestinian society in Jerusalem in particular. He pursued his BA in Nursing from Al-Quds University back in 2019 and as soon as he graduated he started searching for a job. Unfortunately, Mohammad was not very lucky to find a job immediately. Yet, he wanted to start depending on himself and not on his parents no more.


His hopes were high to still find a job, but the first couple of months were very hard due to the pandemic (COVID19) that hit the world. Thus, he decided to search for any irrelevant job to his field until he was able to work in a café. His work as a waiter was not his dream but he did not mind it in order to save some money and live. Few months later, Mohammad was surfing Facebook, and he saw the Nursing Program offered by Education for Employment – Palestine. “I did not think twice to register or not when I first saw the ad” he said. The nursing program was implemented by Education for Employment - Palestine, in partnership with Juzoor for Health & Social Development, and achieved under the (F4J) Consulting Services; provides youth with Life Readiness Skills Training as well as Nursing Technical Training, and that’s what made Mohammad go for it. He adds “I wanted to improve my soft skills more; especially that many of the people I know had taken trainings with EFE-P.” Also, “what encouraged me even more to register; is the 3 months internship EFE-P provides for youth once the training is done”. Mohammad decided to shift his working hours late in order to attend the online training in the morning. Once the training was over, he had the opportunity to do his paid internship at Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem for three months. And after so, he got the chance to get employed with other graduates from the Nursing Program. This allowed Mohammad ditch his work as a waiter and work with the certificate he earned back in 2019.


Mohammad feels lucky to have taken this course with EFE-P, he says “when I first graduated from university and did not find a job, I got very depressed and thought of leaving the country and immigrate to Canada. It is sad to see how unprepared Palestine is for any health pandemic. And what makes me even more sad is having very well-educated nurses searching for jobs, and not being asked for a call to work or even volunteer”. He believes that the nursing program has taught him quiet well on how to work within a team, to communicate better, and to have a better time management. Also, what was great about this course is that it emphasized the courses he has taken at university as well as taking the ACLS and BLS certificates.


Mohammad advises all youth to get advantage of EFE-P trainings since the skills learnt are enormous and he thanks EFE-P for this great opportunity that was given to him and to his 107 other colleagues.  

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