Training Courses

Workplace Success Training: A successful professional skills curriculum published by McGraw Hill, teaches participants how to get and keep a first job. In the highly interactive course, students are guided in overarching workplace principles such as work ethic, communication, self-confidence, and leadership as well as given detailed lessons on daily challenges like how to prepare a CV, interact with customers, work in teams, and manage time.

Business English Training: A comprehensive course in cooperation with Amideast for fresh graduates’ learners who need to be able to understand and use business English. The Course offers a realistic, informative, and accessible approach to business concepts underpinned by thorough and carefully developed language syllabus. Participants enhance their English language skills in areas such as grammar, reading, vocabulary, writing, listening and speaking in a business related context.

 Technical Training

Training that focuses on different specializations which include the following:

  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Installation Standards and Regulations
  • Hotel Management
  • Marketplace Simulation – Mini MBA
  • IT training (MYSQL, PHP)
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Accounting Software Systems
  • Sales Management

 Finding a Job Is a Job (FJIJ)

Manpower Group has provided EFE with access to their curriculum “Finding a Job is a Job”, a core work-readiness course that focuses on the skills and discipline needed to conduct an effective job search. The program consists of direct training classes supplemented by take-home and independent exercises and activities.