Alumni Network

PEFE has developed a structured support plan that provides opportunities for ongoing career development by facilitating access to on-site and online workshops, symposiums, and networking events and engaging graduates in community service.

Why Are PEFE Alumni Programs Important?

  • Alumni programs are very important to keep the alumni in direct contact with PEFE and create a strong bond with them, therefore, we can track their employment status and career progress and give them continuous support and guidance based on their needs.
  • Through Alumni programs, alumni become more loyal to PEFE because it is way more than just a 2 month training course, it is a long term relationship through which they can learn more and improve their skills.
  • Alumni networking programs keep alumni connected not only with PEFE but with also with their peers and other leaders and prominent figures in the society who can serve as role models for these youth.
  • Through alumni activities, the alumni can never forget their experience with PEFE and therefore, they share and talk about this experience to other graduates looking for learning opportunities. Hence, we can reach more potential applicants by the “word of mouth”.
  • Lastly, by Alumni programs, alumni can pay back to their societies and activate their civic engagement.

“The world is developing and we should be responsible to engage ourselves in the development process, to encourage ourselves and challenge our fears, to work hard and communicate with each others in order to create better circumstances for success and innovation.”- Dr. Sabri Saidam, Minister of Education and Higher Education.